Second Chance Financing in Surrey

Have you had financial difficulties that unfortunately affected your credit score? If so, at White Rock Honda, we can help you! We have a range of second chance financing solutions for you to help you get on the road in the vehicle you want as fast as possible.

The Right Solutions Regardless of Your Credit

Second chance financing has a very poor reputation in the industry and has gotten a bad rap for years. Second chance financing is simply a financing product that gives you the ability to get financing for your next pre-owned vehicle even if your credit isn’t perfect. In other words, second chance credit is there for you when traditional financial institutions aren’t willing to lend you money even if you’ve managed to bring your budget and your finances back on track.

The simple fact is that poor credit continues to be a problem long after your financial situation has reestablished itself. it can be very difficult to get a loan even if you got your job back, or you’ve managed to simplify and consolidate your finances. With second chance credit, you get a loan regardless of what your credit history and credit reports says.

At White Rock Honda, we will make sure did you get the very best service when applying or learning more about second chance credit financing. We make the process simple, we respect all of our clients, and we provide you with the information you want in complete transparency. We will be able to help you today with all of your second chance credit needs.

Second Chance Financing

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